Newmar’s RV Resort Guide Paid Advertising Campaign

Using a sophisticated paid advertising strategy and refreshed content to generate prolific leads for Newmar.


Leads generated from paid channels


RV Resort Guide landing page conversion rate


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Revitalizing the RV Resort Guide

Newmar, the industry leader in high-quality, Class A motor coach manufacturing, released the first version of their RV Resort Guide—a content and advertising campaign aimed at generating top of the funnel consumer awareness—in summer 2016. After seeing initial success, the client decided to refresh the campaign in early 2017 to bridge the gap before their new product launch in summer 2017.

To revitalize the campaign and generate more leads, Newmar brought us on to tackle the problem.

“Element Three is a big reason more and more people are getting to know the Newmar difference. Their creative talent – combined with their digital and development savvy – has not only helped us to build our brand, but position our products at the top of each and every segment in which we compete.”


A Targeted Approach

Past results from the RV Resort Guide were impressive, so we knew we had to optimize to drive even better results. First up was the content. To make the RV Resort Guide feel fresh, we added user generated content from RV resort submissions and RV owners, which included testimonies and quotes throughout the guide.

After updating the content, our team focused on adding a bit more sophistication to our paid digital ads. We introduced mobile-specific ads to the campaign along with a layered targeting approach, which included topic, placement, and affinity / interest targeting. As the campaign matured, bids were adjusted to lean into areas where the campaign had the highest conversion rates, which ultimately increased the RV Resort Guide landing page conversion rates.


The campaign refresh was a huge success—paid advertising alone drove 2,874 leads with cost per click averaging out at $0.22. The lead generation success was largely due to the higher RV Resort Guide landing page conversion rate, which increased to 23.3%.

Overall, the content continues to be a success driver for Newmar, generating over 7,000 leads that then enter Newmar’s comprehensive lead nurturing and lead portal systems.

Download the Newmar RV Resort Guide Paid Advertising Campaign Executive Summary from Element Three.