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Our Sales Process

By being here, you likely already know that we specialize in working with manufacturing organizations that sell through complex distribution networks. These companies hire us because we are able to bring a fresh, outside perspective to their problems while drawing on extensive experience within their business model. In order to keep driving innovative solutions, we will occasionally also work outside of our industry expertise when our skill set is applicable. This most often happens in one of the following circumstances:

  • Leadership change
  • Merger and acquisition environments
  • New product or market launches
  • Capital influx

We do our best work when we are given a complex business challenge and asked to design and execute on a solution. This means you don’t need to know that you need a website, campaign strategy, or new brand before reaching out. We’re happy to unpack your challenge and identify the right solution with you, in real-time.


What to Expect During the Sale

Once you reach out to start a conversation, we’ll work together to answer the following questions:

Does your challenge and our expertise line up, and are we a good cultural match?

The work rarely fails because it is “too hard.” The work fails because the relationship breaks. On top of establishing that there is problem-solution fit, let’s make sure we all will enjoy the process of solving the challenges together.

What does success look like from working together? How will we measure it?

We want to understand the vision you have for when this work is complete. What will have changed for you? What will have changed for your business? The goal here is to ensure you have space to fully express what you need to happen in this engagement. Once we have that, we’ll talk through how we’ll measure progress toward that future.

What resources (time, people, money) are needed to reach success?

This is where we discuss the logistics to achieve the defined goals. Our approach to establishing a budget is to understand the value of the outcome and work together to align on the right amount to invest to reach it. If you have a set budget, we’re happy to use that as a starting point, as well.

What is the process we will go through in the work?

We have established frameworks for executing work that will be customized for your environment and goals. At this step, we’ll take you through the process you’ll go through while working with our team and then discuss the steps for kicking off the work.

    Sometimes we are able to answer those questions in a couple of meetings; sometimes it requires more extensive conversations. Typically, the higher number of people within your organization care about the outcome of the work, the longer the process will take. It is important that those who have a stake in the output are part of the input. The focus is on getting to an informed decision in an easy, efficient manner.


    Carmel, Indiana, and everywhere.

    Our office is located just off the Monon in Carmel, IN. Though, our people are working in-office and remotely. Nothing would make us happier than having an in-person meeting, but we are also happy to connect with you via Zoom, email, phone, or a combination of all the above.

    Visiting our offices? We are located on the West side of Monon Blvd—our building says Serendipity Labs, MJ Insurance and Trueblood Realty. Our office is on the first floor, Suite 125. You can park on the Boulevard if there is space, or in the garage behind the building that is accessible from Veteran’s Way.