The Element Three

Growth Academy

From day one, you have the support to find and define your vision for your career, your growth, and your life path. You’ll have tangible, proven resources that will expose you to new things and help you conquer new challenges and skills. You’ll have ample opportunities to reflect on your progress and check-in with yourself and your teams. Ultimately, you’ll grow in ways that include E3 and in ways that live beyond E3. That’s exactly what we’re aiming for. You’re bigger than your job, and so is your potential. Helping you thrive is our top priority.

A Holistic Approach to You, at Work and Beyond

The Element Three Growth Academy follows the same format you’ll experience in your work with clients: Story, Strategy, and Scorecard. Except this time, the story is yours and the strategy and scorecard are all about you. We’re committed to making your growth options as specific, tangible, and attainable as your regular measurable goals in your work.


Who you are, what makes you unique, and how those things contribute to the E3 team and culture.


Finding your ideal career path (at E3 and beyond) and growing into it. Learning new things and helping others do the same.


Regular pulse-checks on how you’re meeting your goals and how E3 is helping you do it. Designed to be open, honest, and free of surprises.

Understanding Self:

  • Personal V/TO instruction
  • Clarity Breaks – Personal V/TO days
  • DISC, Strengths
  • Wellness Bucks


  • E3 Culture teams
  • E3 Events (Holiday party, Summer Slam, Biz Review, Quarter kickoff, Annual company kickoff)
  • Community Service days
  • D&I strategy
  • Matching gift program

Owning your role:

  • Onboarding / Lessonly
  • Check-ins (30 day, 90 day, 100 day)
  • Hybrid work environment
  • History of the Company
  • EOS, L10’s
  • 1:1 meetings

Financial literacy:

  • Personal finance sessions/resources
  • Element Three – business finance 101, 201 lessons
  • Open book financials
  • E3 V/TO


  • Leadership Academy – for all
  • Leadership mentors

Growth check-ins:

  • Performance Assessment process
  • Peer Feedback STAY interview
  • Development Plans/dollars
  • Time/resource management


  • Headlines
  • Awesome blocks
  • Core Values awards
  • 1000 stories

The Chasing Growth Video Series

To capture the stories of growth in those who have chosen Element Three as a part of their career path, we created the Chasing Growth video series — a deep dive into the individual experiences of our employees.

The Growth Academy Process

Our process follows four steps. As you progress in your career and reach new inflection points of growth, you will return to this process to continue learning and working through new challenges.



You don’t have to know where you’re headed, just that you know you have big things to achieve in your work, here at Element Three, and in your life beyond work.



There are many education and growth paths available to every E3er. Together, we’ll choose the path that suits not only where you are now, but where you envision yourself in the future. We can also build a custom path just for you.



You won’t learn and grow in a vacuum. You’ll always have a growth mentor to help you digest your lessons, talk about your dreams, and form tangible plans to make them reality.



While you’re here at Element Three or when you’ve moved on, pay your lessons forward to others in whom you see the same spark to learn, grow, and contribute to the world. That’s the best reciprocity we could hope for as a result of our investment in you as a human being.

Experience tangible, identifiable growth.

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