We believe that a job should do more than pay the bills. It should fill you with a sense of purpose.
The kind you feel when you’re a part of something BIG.

Why Element Three

Here, you’re surrounded with opportunity from day one. Given the freedom to take smart risks and provided with the support you need to learn, grow and excel. Here, you’re not bogged down by busywork. Or buried beneath a massive bureaucratic hierarchy. You’re presented with ample space to evolve your expertise in an environment where talent thrives and collaboration is commonplace.


What We’re all About

The value we offer is a direct result of the values we share. Each informs the decisions we make and the actions we take. We do our best to hold them sacred. Always.

Awesome Comes Standard

At E3, we’re committed to delivering awesome in each and every thing we do, each and every day, without exception or excuse. It’s that simple.

Business First

We view market leadership as the underlying reason for our existence as a marketing agency. Like coach Red Sanders once said, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”

Emotional Intelligence

We refuse to overreact to the trends and adversity that will forever exist in the marketplace. And handle the bad with the same level of tact as the good. With a clear understanding that the only thing that matters more than what we say is what we do.

Stay Curious

We believe the ones who go beyond the tried find the truth. So we ask a lot of questions. Research and participate. And don’t dare identify the “how” until we’re sure we know the “why.”


Elsewhere, it’s a buzzword you can see right through. Here, transparency is tangible. We make it a point to shed light on everything we’re doing, so that you can help guide our collective future, not feel left in the dark.

Creative Swagger

Creative no longer lives within the well-defined world of traditional media. It’s why we don’t view it as a single tactic or one-off deliverable. Instead, we use whatever means necessary to create seamless brand experiences.

Own Selflessly

Our job is not to attract an audience, but to work together to find your customers. All hands on deck. As partners in hot pursuit of market leadership.

Explore Departments

At E3, we’re designed to grow with our clients. And we’re growing pretty fast.
After all, talent fuels success. And success fuels growth.

The Benefits

If you’re the type who expects greatness from yourself and your employer, we’re your kind of agency.


Results matter to us, so when we compete, we play to win. Most victories are for our clients. But they also happen on the kickball field.


We believe in using time and money to help others, which is why we grant you two days a year and up to $250 to give back to your chosen cause. Or, we can help you start your own.

The Office

We’re in the Pyramids, so everyone gets a window seat. One that can be upgraded to a standing desk. We also offer all-you-can-eat Goldfish crackers.

Personal Development

Some employers view individual growth as an oxymoron. We help you build a custom development plan, along with the resources to see it through.

Compensation + Benefits

As Tiffany says, “We use business to grow people, not the other way around.” So we cover your health. Help you save. And always treat you with respect.

Paid Vacation Time

The best stories we create are inspired by happenings outside of these four walls. Which means that taking the PTO you earn isn’t just a perk, it’s an obligation.