Newmar RV Resort Guide
Case Study

As the central piece of a comprehensive marketing automation system, the 2016 RV Resort Guide captured valuable leads for a renowned luxury RV manufacturer.


In late 2015, luxury motor coach builder Newmar Corporation asked us to create and implement a multi-layer marketing automation system to provide their dealership network with a consistent supply of new leads. An informative e-book designed to help travelers pinpoint the best RV resorts in America, the 2016 Top RV Resorts Guide was created to initiate the lead-capture process.

Given its purpose, the Guide needed to be well-designed, but more importantly, relevant to RV travelers. As such, all featured resorts were researched using a combination of digital analysis and customer outreach. Altogether, 26 RV resorts were featured.

Generating New Leads Via Social Media

Paid Facebook ads are probably not the first channel you would expect when looking to generate leads for a luxury RV brand. However, by leveraging Facebook’s robust audience demographic and interest data to target specific audiences, we were able to extend our reach further than we originally thought possible.


By targeting specific segments already in Newmar’s customer database, we were able to take the Top RV Resorts guide and promote it as a personalized resource for contacts who had not yet become customers. Done in conjunction with our greater marketing automation and lead nurturing efforts, this email campaign has already assisted in hundreds of product purchases.


By generating more than 1,500 new leads in its first year alone, the 2016 Top RV Resorts Guide led 38 luxury RV buyers to become first-time Newmar customers. Considering 38 units sold accounts for nearly one-third of the company’s average monthly output, Newmar’s leadership team was thrilled with the results.

Perhaps most telling was the impact of paid social media promotion, which alone contributed 707 new leads and 10 new customers.

Based on the overall conversion rate, the future potential revenue generated from this campaign is forecasted to be 3.5x that of the immediate revenue, with a campaign return on ad spend of 603x.

The key takeaway? To feed your marketing automation system with fresh leads, unique and useful content coupled with the right promotional strategy is a sound bet.