Airstream’s Email Newsletter Redesign Case Study

How intentional mobile design—among other best practices—improved email engagement across all devices.


Increase in click-through rate across all devices.


Increase in open rate on mobile devices.


Increase in newsletter traffic to Airstream’s website from mobile.

Capitalizing on an Expanding Email List

Over the past few years, Airstream—manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer—has increased their audience in both scope and breadth (by demographics and psychographics), causing their email list to grow by 70% in 2015. As their email list expanded, it became apparent that their newsletter, The Rivet, needed an upgrade.

As a longtime partner, Airstream asked us to quickly and efficiently redesign The Rivet to feel more modern, include featured content, and improve functionality.

Developing a Fresh Look

The first task was to make The Rivet look and feel more modern. We started by cleaning up the design and simplifying the content within the newsletter, making images and videos bigger within a new, clean aesthetic.

The Rivet also needed to be more focused and less scattered in messaging and content. To improve engagement and clicks, we reorganized the content flow and cleaned up the CTAs, replacing them with fewer—but more thoughtful—CTAs.

Making Mobile UX a Priority

Element Three knew that while redesigning the template was important, focusing on technological improvement would be the most beneficial for Airstream going forward.

After adjusting the template to fit Airstream’s growing audience and display more content in a clear,
easy-to-digest way, Element Three designed with a mobile-first approach, as data indicated a marked
increase in this category. Improving the user experience on mobile included things like upgrading
content CTAs, adjusting text size, and categorizing content to make it more accessible to users.

To ensure maximum flexibility, Element Three created modules that could be added or removed at
will, enabling Airstream to modify their content to fit the needs of their audience, without requiring additional development resources.


After launching the new email template, The Rivet saw a 24.72% increase in overall click-through rate, with a 34.11% increase in click-through rate on mobile devices. Mobile open rate also saw a lift of 19.46%, and newsletter traffic from mobile devices to Airstream’s website increased by 57.36%.

Download the Airstream Email Newsletter Redesign Executive Summary