Thor Industries Website Redesign

Designing a website that targets a new audience through interactive tools, educational content, and a lifestyle-oriented approach.

Shifting Focus from Investors to Consumers

Thor Industries is the sole owner of operating subsidiaries that, combined, represent one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles. To help drive quality traffic (and ultimately revenue) for these subsidiaries, Thor recognized the need to shift the focus of their website from investors to consumers. With our experience working with manufacturers who operate through dealer networks, we were excited to help the Thor brand move towards a more lifestyle-oriented website approach.

Supporting Their Subsidiaries

As a market leader, Thor recognized an opportunity to support their subsidiaries through traffic generation and dispersion. Our team—taking advantage of the situation—implemented interactive quizzes and content to segment visitors based on their unique preferences, sending them to the subsidiaries that best fit their needs.

In essence, Thor generated quality traffic. We analyzed the traffic, discovering the users’ preferences. And ultimately supported their subsidiaries with something every brand wants—quality traffic.

Ultimately, we used Thor’s market leadership to our advantage and capitalized on their unique ability to educate consumers as a way to drive quality traffic to their subsidiaries.

Providing Valuable, Resourceful Content

We worked with Thor to provide useful industry and product information to consumers looking to buy from one of their subsidiaries. How can you finance an RV? What type of RV best fits the user’s specific needs? With interactive quizzes and helpful guides, we used Thor’s expertise and authority within the RV space to educate top of the funnel prospects.

Creating a Beautiful Experience for Users

Whether a user is navigating through a quiz or reading about different categories of RVs, we knew that the experience needed to be unrivaled. We designed a responsive website and improved the mobile experience, creating a space for Thor that was both easy to navigate but also aspirational.

Not only did we deliver a beautiful website for Thor, but we created a seamless customer experience—one that helps users find the content they’re looking for, connects subsidiaries to ready-to-buy traffic, and drives additional revenue for Thor.

“Element Three solved multiple problems with one piece of content—the Find Your RV interactive quiz. Not only has our audience found the tool useful and engaging, but it also supported our subsidiaries by sending valuable traffic to their sites. It’s this kind of work that sets Element Three apart—marketing techniques that benefit all audiences, and that truly build a brand.”