Optimizing Airstream’s Paid Facebook Advertising

How analyzing data and optimizing a paid Facebook lead gen campaign made a successful product promotion even better.


Increase in leads generated per month


Decrease in CPL


Increase in conversion rate

Turning Good into Great

With the help of our team, Airstream—a leading luxury travel trailer and touring coach manufacturer—was already running successful paid mobile Facebook Canvas ads that consistently generated sales qualified leads at an attractive ROI.

But we thought results could be even better.

So our team set out to improve their paid advertising Touring Coach promotion on Facebook by opening up targeting tactics to include both mobile and desktop devices while strategically optimizing throughout the campaign.


“Element Three’s dedication to excellence is outstanding. They continually prove that no campaign is immune to improvement—generating better results for even the most successful existing campaigns.”


Gathering The Data

The first step to improving the campaign was to test everything. Our team started diving into Facebook Canvas ads, looking at elements that made mobile and desktop ads the most successful, what the differences were, and how Airstream could capitalize on these opportunities.

With any good lead generation campaign, we also knew the landing pages needed to be top-notch. During the first month of the promotion we used CRO analysis tools to test elements and pinpoint potential opportunities.

After analyzing the results and equipping ourselves with valuable data, we executed our recommendations for the campaign.


By implementing small changes—such as form placement on landing pages—the team was able to drive big results for Airstream, improving every number that affects lead generation: cost per lead, cost per click, click-through rate, conversion rate, and total leads. CPL and CPC decreased by 82.9% and 74.5% respectively, while CTR and conversion rate increased by 34.7% and 51.5% respectively.

In the end, the combined optimization changes led to a 905.8% increase in leads generated per month from the campaign.

Download the Airstream Facebook Paid Advertising Optimization Executive Summary from Element Three.