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Aim’s Rebrand and Website Launch

The association tasked with advocating for Indiana’s cities and towns needed a rebrand that would boldly cast their vision to every municipality in Indiana.

aim: indiana color palette

Working with Element Three was illuminating. IACT was in the process of modernizing when we engaged them, but we knew we had a long way to go—and limited time to get there.

E3 provided us with valuable research, strategic direction, and creative thinking. They guided us in choosing a disruptive name, developing a fresh look, and telling the bold story of our transformation. And they helped us build an internal buzz before we brought that story to the state legislature.


Today Aim is well-positioned as a modern, vibrant, and engaged organization—a leader in building a brighter future for Indiana. We couldn’t have gotten there without E3.


Jennifer Simmons
COO, Aim

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