When Client Met Agency:

Your Guide to Finding the Right Marketing Partner

The Introduction


Who knew that dating could hold the key for marketing professionals searching for that special marketing partner? Whether that’s an agency, a consultancy, or a few good freelancers, our guide is your wingman. From assessing the type of marketing support you need to agency pricing and managing relationships, we got ya covered. Ready? Let’s go.

About Our Guide


Finding the right marketing partner is a lot like dating—there are plenty of fish in the sea (Statista says there are over 13,000 advertising agencies alone in the US), but not every fish will result in a happy ending.

To help you find the perfect match, we’ve created this guide. In it, you’ll find advice for every step of the client-agency relationship—from assessing if you even need a marketing partner to managing the relationship and recognizing when to call it quits.

Our goal is transparency. We understand that finding a marketing partner—be it an agency, a consultancy, or freelance support—can be overwhelming and frustrating. Our hope is this guide helps you enter the sales process with confidence.

How to Use This Resource


Our guide is broken down into chapters, starting with understanding the marketing agency landscape and ending with managing your future client-agency relationship.

If it’s been a while since you searched for a marketing partner, it’s best to start from the beginning. Otherwise, skip around to the chapter you need help with and you should be golden.

Start getting better results.

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