Webinar: Three Phases of a Successful Product Launch

Addressing common pitfalls for OEMs with distributed sales channels.

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Product launches affect all areas of the business for manufacturers — new supply chain demands and facilities requirements, additional inventory management complexity, and massive go-to-market implications to name a few. While all leaders understand planning for a successful launch takes place years before product hits the showroom floor, all too many miss great opportunities to truly set themselves up for success.

Marketing is one place where these missed opportunities frequently arise. This webinar is focused on three phases you can focus on today for your next launch to be the best yet.

You’ll learn about the following marketing-related product launch areas in this webinar:

  • How to honor the integrity of your product and brand portfolio with the addition of a new offering
  • Unique ways to introduce your product to the market
  • What to do post-launch to keep momentum, create positive customer experiences, and prepare for your next innovation

You’ll walk away with fresh perspectives on how to improve the execution of your future product launches.

Our Experience


Businesses that sell through a network of dealers and distributors have a unique set of problems — balancing multiple target audiences, managing a brand at touchpoints they don’t own, and navigating disparate technology systems. These problems require a different level of understanding of how marketing should play a role in the overall business model.

That’s why we built a team of experts across brand strategy, marketing operations, and demand generation with extensive knowledge of this reality. Whether it’s creating awareness for your brand, entering new markets, launching new products or moving aging inventory, we have you covered. Some of our best and longest running clients exist across five primary industries:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Marine
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Powersports

 In short, we modernize the go-to-market strategy for manufacturers with complex distribution networks.

Newmar: Partners For Over a Decade

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We completed this research to shed light on how leaders working in a distributed sales model determine their go-to-market strategy and seek continued growth for their businesses across a variety of industries.

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