Newmar: A Decade of Growth

Relationships like the one we share with Newmar Corporation aren’t the norm. Over 10 years together, we’ve experienced boom times and lean ones—but always developed strategies and pushed creative executions further. Watch the video above to see how we’ve grown our client-agency relationship over the years, and why the future is nothing but bright.


Sit down with Shannon Stover, Marketing Manager for Newmar Corporation, and listen to her discuss the beginning of our relationship. What began as a product photography and brochure project developed into a thriving relationship that didn’t just evolve their own marketing—but shifted the way the entire industry thought about marketing recreational vehicles through compelling stories, all built on the foundation of the most renowned name in the industry.


John Sammut, VP of Sales at Newmar Corporation, talks about key projects that evolved the relationship between Newmar and Element Three. From the transition away from printed brochures to digital, pivoting in-person events to virtual experiences in a matter of weeks, to stories about real Newmar owners—learn about Newmar’s transformation from a product-focused organization into a powerhouse brand in the luxury motorcoach industry.


A lot of things change over the course of a decade. Team members come and go, retiring and transitioning onto other accounts. Learn how Element Three navigated these shifts over the course of our relationship with Newmar—and see the strategies we employed to fill big shoes resulted in an even stronger bond that hasn’t just resulted in great work, but continued to grow rapport over time.

Additional case studies

See a more detailed breakdown of a few previous projects with Newmar.

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Super C Takes Center Stage

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Newmar Luxury Motor Coach Brochures

Newmar Luxury Motor Coach Brochures

While many of today's product brochures exist exclusively in digital form, sometimes the most effective means of capturing your audience's attention requires a return to a more traditional medium.

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As with Newmar, we’re at our best at the table crafting strategies with our clients — helping achieve company-level goals through marketing. If you’re looking to transform your brand and take market leadership, we’d be happy to talk about how to make that happen.