2017 Newmar Luxury Brochures

While many of today’s product catalogs exist exclusively in digital form, sometimes the most effective means of capturing your audience’s attention requires a return to a more traditional medium.


When you’re selling the world’s most indulgent motor coaches, it’s not easy to capture the quality and precision of the product at hand within a digital-only catalog. Newmar Corporation not only wanted their brochures to be tangible, they wanted them to reflect the level of detail found throughout each of the company’s four Luxury models. To create something befitting of Class A RVs that represent the top of their respective segments, we used cutting-edge printing techniques, materials, and photography worthy of introducing RV enthusiasts to the Newmar brand.


Every 2017 Luxury brochure was designed to provide a guided tour where shoppers could imagine themselves inside a specific model, something that wouldn’t have been possible without purposeful photography.

Because photo shoots take place inside of a studio, special attention was paid to making each interior space feel open and inviting. Precise lighting techniques played a big role, as did outdoor landscapes that were photoshopped into each window space.


Just as Newmar is careful to use the highest-quality parts and materials throughout their assembly process, we made sure to choose printing techniques that would further establish Newmar’s reputation for quality. Because when you’re selling luxury and prestige, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

A thick paper stock was chosen so that every page would feel substantial, while varnish treatments were applied to allow each image to “pop” off of the page. Soft-touch material was used as the base for an editorial-style typography selection that was stamped on each cover using a gold foil treatment. Inside, a thin paper stock was used to create an insert that acted as a table of contents.

Before final files were sent to print, each brochure was subjected to a round of color corrections, which were performed using physical representations of every available exterior paint option, décor choice, and cabinetry selection. Additionally, we made certain to perform in-person press checks to ensure absolute quality, with the press checks for each of the four models taking roughly two days to complete.


Receiving a printed product catalog at a dealership or in the mail is nothing new. However, when your catalog is as high of a caliber as Newmar’s Luxury brochures, it demands attention.

RV shoppers can either request a printed copy of each brochure online or pick them up at one of the more than 60 Newmar dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada, where Newmar-trained sales professionals use them to help customers select a coach that fits their interests and aspirations.

As a bottom-of-the-funnel offer in a comprehensive marketing ecosystem, the Newmar Luxury brochures are an effective final nudge to help close the deal with the prospects most likely to buy, giving them a taste of what it’s like to own one of the world’s most indulgent motor coaches before they ever sign a contract.