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A Guide to Hiring Element Three

Everything you need to know about working with us.

Three Steps Towards Working Together

If you don't have full confidence in our team after this process, don't hire us. It is likely not a good fit, and that is okay.

Step 1: Business Introduction

At this stage, we're getting to know one another. Specifically, our team is learning about your business and what challenges you're looking to solve through marketing.

Step 2: Approach

You'll meet subject matter experts from our leadership team. We'll ask the questions needed to craft the custom approach for your unique challenge.

Step 3: Proposal

You'll get a recommended approach to the challenge you're looking to solve, along with budget ranges and timeline expectations.

Businesses We Work With

The reality is, certain types of businesses get more value from us than others. The two that find the most success include growth-stage and small enterprise businesses.

The Client Experience

Take a peak into what it's like to work with us, courtesy of Kristy Rans, the President of Prime Hospitality Group.


A Simple, Holistic Approach to Marketing

Industries and markets aside, we've found that these three key ingredients are critical to your marketing success.


Market-leading brands have a clear message for why they exist, and why their customers should care. You have a story to tell—we help you own it.


Take your story to the market. Strategy lays out which channels will reach your target audience—and how each marketing action adds to the growth of your business.


Story and strategy can't be stagnant—you need to know what works and what doesn't. Actionable scorecards empower companies to iterate, optimize, and ultimately, make progress against their goals.

Starting the Partnership

Partnerships start with a discovery process—a time for our team to ask questions and get to know your business on a deeper level. When this part gets skipped, important information gets missed and mediocre work ensues. No one loves paying for discovery—but it's a must for a successful relationship. After the discovery, you'll work with us in one of two ways: a clear project path or a clear vision path.