Brian Cole

Senior Director, Program Management
Tiffany Sauder Element Three

Brian’s career has been a series of evolutions. What started as a dream of working in and around the live entertainment industry became a job running promotions and events for radio stations, which turned into a job managing experiential marketing campaigns for national brands, which became an interest in applying those account and project management skills to more strategic marketing and business decisions.

Now at Element Three, Brian focuses on ensuring the best possible customer experience for our clients while also helping the internal team maximize the impact of their efforts. Brian’s natural strengths in problem-solving and adaptability come to life in uncovering, calling out, and removing potential fail points in an environment of innovation and rapid change — maintaining forward progress at all times in the business.

Brian has also been instrumental in the growth and evolution of Element Three over time, working with other company leaders to forge a path that creates opportunity and value for our employees and clients.

Zooming out, for Brian, life is like a decades-long project with an undefined end date.

I strive to generate the maximum amount of happiness for myself, my loved ones, and the people I come in contact with along the way. Everything I do is balanced against the amount of happiness it may create – immediately, later, or both.”