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Aaron Harrison

Marketing Manager

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Aaron Harrison Element Three

Born in El Paso, Texas, Aaron’s youth was full of changing scenery - by the time he turned 18, he had lived in 5 different states and 7 different cities. But unlike most kids living in a constant state of flux, Aaron’s childhood ignited his passion for traveling to new and distant places.

Described as a “curious, wondering soul” and a self-proclaimed “road-trip junkie,” Aaron has killed a car or two with all of the mileage he’s accumulated driving from coast to coast to “experience the country firsthand.”

When he first arrived at Butler University, his fascination with the world around him led Aaron to take an interest in innovation and community development. But he knew that to solve complex problems, he first had to understand them. So he triple-majored in Political Science, Psychology, and Religion, earning recognition as a “Top 100 Student” his senior year.

Eventually, he transferred that interest in problem-solving and human understanding into the world of marketing. As the leader of Element Three's own marketing team, Aaron works to expand the agency's brand, reach, positioning, and client base.  His objective: arm other marketers with the knowledge and resources necessary to improve their results and dominate their industries.


Marketing today is more challenging than it has ever been, but it’s thrilling to partner with and counsel those committed to staying ahead in an ever-changing marketplace. There's nothing more fulfilling in this business than helping brands achieve audacious goals never thought possible.


When he's not leading the marketing team at Element Three, Aaron takes every opportunity he gets to appreciate the great outdoors that surround his home base in Seattle.