How Progressive Profiling Can Support Your Marketing Efforts



Video Transcript

Hey everyone. My name’s Cade Jones. I’m a digital marketing manager here at Element Three, and I’m here today to talk a little bit about progressive profiling. I’ll cover what it is, what it can mean for your business and how you can implement it into your existing marketing efforts. So first off, what is progressive profiling?

Progressive profiling is gradually collecting information on your prospects or users over a period of time. So, for example, you have one form on your website that a piece of gated content is behind, on that first form submission for the user, they would fill out first name, last name, and then give their email address. As you build that trust with them, they come back to the site a second time, maybe even a third time. Those fields that you’re offering the user are gradually changing. And so you’re collecting a more complete customer profile of them over time.

So what are the benefits of progressive profiling? Well, one, you as a business are collecting more information and building that profile on the user. From the user side of things, they’re giving different information each time. So it’s decreasing that repetitiveness of the information that you’re asking them. What you can do with this information is that as they’re giving you more information, you’re building that trust with them, you can also start to deliver more customized content to them.

So maybe they’re on their third form submission, and at this point you’re asking, what problem are you hoping to solve with whatever service or product that you offer? Well, depending on their answer, you can deliver an email that is very custom to that problem that they’re hoping to solve. And so again, you’re delivering more curated content and more unique content to the user. And from your business’s perspective,
you’re also collecting more relevant information on the user. Progressive profiling, you can use this on HubSpot, they have a very native function, Marketo, Pardot. Really, any of the major players in the marketing automation space have progressive profiling and have that natively built into their fields.

So overall, progressive profiling is a very, very easy thing to implement for your business and can go a long way to increasing the personalized content that you’re able to wherever to users, as well as information that you have on prospects.