How Marketing Data Exposes Product Problems



Video Transcript

A while back, Dustin made a video about why marketing can’t solve product problems. And while that’s 100% true, I’ve been thinking a lot about how marketing data and analytics can help you understand maybe some of your product problems and in other cases, your customer lifecycle or features that people are loving or content that you’re missing.

So, for example, let’s say you’re an e-commerce company and you want to have a better understanding of the login and check out process. And you want to understand how are people using that? Are they falling off in certain places? Are they hitting roadblocks in other places?

You’re tagging and tracking set up, if it’s done right, can allow you to do that. You can understand how many people are dropping off at this stage or this stage, and then you can be working to make that better.

Or let’s say you have people out in the field and they are coming to the website for a product manuals, installation videos and you want to understand how are people using that? How many people are downloading those? How are they watching the videos?

How far are they watching into the videos? To help you understand, do you need to
create more of a certain type of content? Or do you have content that no one is using that you can either sunset, that you don’t need to update, or that maybe you try refining because you want to make it more valuable.

Your marketing data can help you do all of that. Think about social media, not only your own, where you can do polls and look at comments, but you can look at your competitors you can look across the landscape, you can look at hashtags and keywords and industry insights.

You’re going to have a better understanding of what are people looking for in your arena?Do they want more of something? Do they want less of something? Is everyone talking about how your competitor implemented this one great feature and you’re like, you know what? We could do that better.

Let’s say you have an app. If you’re not mining those app store reviews for not only the good and the bad, but also the questions that people are asking, the features, looking at what types of information your customer service and support.

Are they getting a lot of questions on a certain thing? Are they getting a lot of requests?There’s just a wealth of data out there that marketing and sales and customer support can all provide you to give you a fuller picture of how are people using your product, what kinds of things as they want, where are things breaking down?

And it really allows you to take that and make it actionable and make things better for your customers. So at the end of the day, just think about where do we have the most to gain? What are the questions that I don’t know how to answer?

But if I have the right data, I could answer it or just start searching things on social media, or Googling things, or going to Reddit, or Stack Overflow, or wherever
people are talking about things in your industry, and you’re going to be amazed at the type of information that you can get.

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