Yoh Brand Development

Yoh wanted more than a rebrand. They wanted to reinvent their culture. We were up for the challenge, driven to make the “new Yoh” an industry standout.


The nation’s first technology staffing agency and a dedicated source of talent for U.S. war materials production during WWII, Yoh came to us as one of the largest technical services organizations in the country. The problem? Growth was stagnant because the company’s brand had gotten tired and stale.


Fortunately, Yoh saw a rebrand not just as a good idea, but a major opportunity. The fact was, none of their competitors stood out in the marketplace. Everyone looked the same, said the same things and sounded the same way.

Yoh’s own imagery was impersonal and the company’s language was focused on what Yoh gives rather than what Yoh’s clients get. Finally, the Yoh brand was deeply fractured and marred by inconsistencies. Just a few years prior to their engagement with us, Yoh was comprised of a whopping 12 different brands.


Yoh wanted more than a fresh logo and color palette. They were seeking to provide their clients and employees with a completely new experience. One that had a positive effect on culture and communication within the company. So we went to work, creating a brand plan and guidelines informed by months of research, which resulted in a completely new website and blog, video content, business collateral – even a new corporate calendar.

The outcome was a brand with focus. A brand that synchronized external communication with internal processes. A recognizable corporate identity capable of causing sheer disruption in the staffing and recruiting industry. One that helped to position Yoh as thought leaders in their segment.