FBi Buildings Paid Digital Campaign Case Study

Every business is constantly looking for ways to do more with less. Digital marketing technology and segmentation tools not only make it possible, but the new normal.


Increase the number of the qualified leads sent to your sales team and decrease the amount of money needed to generate said leads. These two competing objectives are easily articulated, but not always realized. So when FBi Buildings asked us to help them discover new leads while helping them spend less in the process, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Fortunately, we were ready with the digital tools and expertise necessary to make it happen.


Using a segmentation strategy aimed at meeting prospective buyers on their terms, we developed an ongoing, multi-channel digital marketing campaign that has significantly increased the number of leads captured, along with the number of sales made by FBi Buildings sales consultants. The best part? It all cost less than any previous lead-generation initiative our client had ever attempted.

To do it, we identified the digital channels where prospective buyers across all market segments were most likely to engage. Next, we assembled content best suited to compel each channel’s audience to interact, along with workflows that automatically nurtured leads throughout the buyer’s journey. Finally, we leveraged real-time campaign performance data to continuously optimize spend, strategy and creative.

A Wealth of New Opportunity

Compared to the previous year, our campaign kept the FBi Buildings sales staff very, very busy.


Since this was the first strategic campaign we had executed for FBi Buildings, we had to make several assumptions about their audiences’ preferred digital channels.

For some, this was straightforward – through Facebook, we were able use demographic and interest data to identify audiences who shared the characteristics of the prospects and customers already in FBi’s CRM and marketing automation systems.

For others, we took risks that paid off – the promoted Pinterest pin was re-pinned hundreds of times, generating dozens of conversions for a fraction of the spend we had anticipated.

Outstanding Digital. Powerful Results.

Proving the effectiveness a multi-channel plan of attack, FBi Buildings experienced a whopping increase in inbound-attributed sales.


No campaign should exist in a silo. As we’ve monitored sitewide conversion rates alongside this campaign, we’ve seen inbound conversion rates improve dramatically year-over-year. For example, FBi sales as a result of inbound marketing methods increased 1150% percent compared to the previous year.

Paid campaign results were equally strong. The number of sales-qualified leads received were up 13,367%, while cost to acquire each sales-qualified lead dropped by 94%, and year-over-year sales attributed to paid media rose by 900%.

Finding high-quality leads is half the battle. Motivating them to click, convert and close is the other half. With data-rich strategic research leveraging insightful creative messaging, we brought both halves together to create results that have far exceeded expectations. And in the process, we’ve created a roadmap for our team and FBi Buildings to use to continue to optimize these efforts for years to come.