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Ryan Walker

Digital Marketing Manager

Ryan knew working in marketing was his path from a young age. From selling wallets and running a lawn mowing business in high school to social media consulting for small businesses while at Purdue University, a knack for forming and building customer relationships has long been one of Ryan’s natural strengths.

In college, while his studies started in Pharmacy school, Ryan made a shift to Organizational Leadership and Mass Communications and never looked back. In joining Purdue’s Athletics in-house creative team—traveling to document competitions for almost every sport—Ryan found an outlet for creativity and the perfect opportunity to tell compelling stories.

Ryan is a firm believer in the impact of human connection, even as it extends to the B2B marketing environment. This understanding of story and emotion in communication, in partnership with his constant learner’s mindset, makes Ryan the right ally in forming digital strategies that will truly hit home with customers and drive results for clients.

A self-proclaimed chef, football fanatic, and small-time “yard farmer” of ducks and chickens alongside his wife Lydia, Ryan has no trouble staying busy when his time isn’t focused on marketing. His interests are ever-expanding, always looking to “know a little about a lot.” Ask him about stickers, coffee, or the Yeti brand and you’re sure to have a great conversation.