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Liz Gardner

Senior Account Executive

Taylor University Volleyball game
Liz Gardener Team Photo at Element Three

Liz never does anything halfway.

When she enrolled at Taylor University, Liz was torn between Business and Political Science, so she chose neither, deciding instead to go all-in on a PR degree.

While in Upland, Liz focused in on athletics and academics, resulting in several appearances on the Crossroads League Volleyball All-Conference list, a record in the hammer throw as a member of the track team and multiple scholarship awards.

After a few years at an agency in Cleveland, Liz made her way to Element Three, where she stepped in and stepped up in a big way, fully embedding herself in the everyday happenings of a multi-client roster.

“I thrive in fast-paced, highly interactive environments. It’s where I feel at home and in my element.”

She runs hard, lifts heavy and likes her coffee black.


I like to get involved, move things along and make things happen. To do so, I have to be 100% committed to the task at hand. I wouldn’t know any other way.


Perspective from Liz Gardner