Cy Wood

Senior Writer
Tiffany Sauder Element Three

Cy majored in English and writing, but quickly realized that people don’t really pay to read fiction anymore. Luckily, good writers are the backbone of good advertising agencies, and Cy’s one of ours. He’s talented and intelligent, yet always humble about it. If you asked, he’d tell you he just wants to make cool, smart sh*t that works well. And that’s all we want, too.

Cy’s a perpetual learner. Give him a topic and he’ll dive all the way in, way past general knowledge and into the realm of trivial party conversation. If Cy’s read about it, he’s read alllll about it. And that’s what he loves. They say “Write what you know,” so Cy gets to know anything he possibly can.

You could probably guess that insatiable energy would exist in his personal life, too. He doesn’t just cook; he researches the cultures and stories behind the food. He doesn’t just like beer; he brews his own. He doesn’t just play guitar; he also sings terribly. We love Cy, and you will, too.