Lead Qualification and Scoring Webinar: Into the Dungeon

All customer journeys have obstacles—some scarier than others.

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Who will be your brand’s hero?


An elf, sorcerer, paladin, and dwarf all enter your brand’s marketing funnel—a dungeon of twists and turns designed to test the merit of their skills and connection to your products. One of these four is a perfect fit to find the dungeon treasure. The others—merely distractions. How do you determine the best hero for your product?

In this webinar, Element Three Senior Marketing Technology Manager Grady Neff covers topics such as the different types of LEAD SCORING, WEIGHTING SPECIFIC USER ACTIVITY, AND TESTING AND LAUNCHING AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM WITH LEAD QUALIFICATION. Filling out the form will give you immediate access to both the full webinar recording and presentation.

Throughout the dungeon experience—your marketing funnel—heroes will be made and friends will be lost, ultimately leading the right customers to your product. Shall we roll the dice?

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Learn more about lead scoring, qualification, testing, launching an automated system, and more.