Dustin Clark

Vice President, Marketing Strategy
Tiffany Sauder Element Three

Dustin’s major “Aha” moment was discovering how to make the complex into the simple – to take big ideas, break them down, and create plans to achieve them. That’s where Dustin gets his biggest boosts of energy and excitement. It just so happens he has those moments every day.

As Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Dustin bridges the gap between big-picture thinking and the drive to get things done. He leads a team of passionate people who are hungry to win for each other and our clients.

Before arriving at Element Three several years ago, Dustin wore many hats, including that of E-commerce Product Manager and Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, and was a featured speaker at Inbound Marketing BarCamp.

Today, Dustin is an avid guitarist (look him up on Spotify), husband, and father of two “bright and beautiful” children.