The Value of Content in Sales-Focused Organizations



Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Dustin Clark, I’m the Senior Director of Strategy here at Element Three. And today I want to talk to you about the value of content in a sales focused organization. So a lot of times in our sales process we’ll interact with companies that are looking for ways to energize their sales teams. Some of that can be focused on a sales organization having to resell themselves to prospects, which could be a misalignment from a brand perspective where you need value props, you need audience, you need key messaging defined. That’s work that we would take care of in a brand engagement.

But when your sales team is looking for making sure that the prospects that come in, the leads that come in are interested in what you do and are ready to buy, that’s where content really fits in well. So that could be in a type of situation where you’re answering key questions on your website with sell sheets, with videos, webinars, email lead nurturing. But if you don’t have the content basis, if you have an identified those questions and then created content resources around them, it’s going to be hard for a prospect to be pre-prepped to have already answered those questions, to be a warm lead to come over to your sales team. Having that content really does a couple of things.

One, it helps you attract the type of customers that you’re looking for and helps them kind of pre-qualify themselves as they go through your lead nurturing. So you’re doing two things. You’re educating the customer on the type of people that you work with, the type of problems that you solve, and you’re doing it in an educational way where you’re not saying this is what you get when you work with us, but you’re saying common organizations that we work with have these problems and they’re looking for these type of solutions.

So you’re helping them edit out when they don’t need you and define when they actually do need you. And by going through those processes, if you set up your content marketing well enough as they’re clicking on things, maybe filling out one or two forms to get a piece of content. But as they’re interacting with things on your website, you’re learning more about them so that you understand the type of organization they are the type of service that they might be interested in. And that’s how content really plays a key role in sales focused organizations.