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When you invest in good, interesting storytelling with a strong strategy behind it, you can get interaction that leads to sales.

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In the world of RVing, Newmar’s quality is legendary. And for decades, the majority of their marketing centered around the products themselves—the features, the designs, the decor, and the innovative technology. As sales began to spike in 2020, they saw they had a new opportunity ahead of them: to showcase how Newmar owners are using their coaches and the unique experiences they were having.









Lifestyle marketing made a lot of sense for Newmar. And rather than hire talent or look to influencers, they looked to the huge pool of current owners they had—and the wide variety of stories that already existed there. After a thorough search and interview process, we identified two owners who had stories that were unique, interesting, and had potential for incredible video storytelling. 

Since those first two stories, which we called The Adventurists and Passing Thru, we’ve added more: one with IndyCar team owner (and paraplegic) Sam Schmidt called On Track, and one that focused on cooking in a Newmar kitchen called Mise en Place

The goal with every story has been to showcase an interesting way that a Newmar owner is using their coach. Whether that’s four-by-fouring on famous Jeep trails or sitting trackside at an IndyCar race, Newmar Presents is about showcasing opportunity—something that both current and prospective customers can look at and aspire to in their own RV.

With a little cinematic flair, we work with a nimble team to capture the owners’ story. We get to spend time with the owners, learn the unique things about them and the way they use their coaches to fulfill their dreams, and capture a lot of those moments on camera. 

There’s also an interview where we hear from the owners, in their own words, exactly what they love about the lifestyle that owning a Newmar lets them experience. Combining the two creates a beautiful narrative that’s engaging and inspiring.


In addition to the video, we publish a long-form blog post that follows the same format as the video, but dives deeper into the owners’ stories. This is where we can talk more about the coaches, the experiences the owners have with Newmar, as well as some of their history that led them to Newmar in the first place.



To bring it all together, each owner story has its own design system to make it unique—just like the story itself. We were able to use color palettes and design features found in the areas we film to tie everything together.

Using all of these assets, we built a diverse set of ads—ranging from traditional print, to digital, to social, and a handful of spots built for connected TV. 

The beauty of this campaign is that it’s allowed us to market Newmar to a wide variety of different audiences. With so many coaches and so much difference between them, there’s a big mix in potential customers. So we were able to target adventure-seekers, race fans, and foodies with stories that speak straight to them.


Throughout these stories, we’ve generated a lot of data—with two real goals. First, we want to make sure the videos and blog posts are worth watching and reading—and that our audiences are, indeed, watching and reading them. 

These are some of the numbers we’ve seen that shows they are:

  • 100,000+ page views
  • Average time on page of 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • Long-form videos on YouTube have 25,300+ views
  • 1,200 hours of watched video
  • Average view duration of 2 minutes 45 seconds

Our second goal is to drive demand, so that Newmar is finding leads out of these stories. These are the numbers as of the fourth owner story: 

  • 30.7 million impressions
  • 100,700 page views
  • 2,977 MQLs assisted
  • 753 SQLs  assisted
  • 167 sales assisted

Interested in something similar?

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