Scott Bennett

Vice President of Finance

Scott went to school to become a doctor. He ended up a chief instead, as in Chief Financial Officer and VP of Finance at Element Three. And he got here by committing to his calling early, transferring to a different college in order to avoid graduating with any debt. Attaboy, indeed.

He kept up the good work by taking a job with a facilities management company, where he ran the show for eight years. And run it he did, taking on the roles of General Manager, Assistant Executive Director, Director of Finance and Business Manager.

The bottom line? Scott has spent nearly a quarter-century as either a Controller or Director of Finance. And experience pays dividends.

“I’ve seen a lot, especially when it comes to finance. And what I like about being at Element Three is not only do I get to inform our own financial development strategy, I have the opportunity to help our clients when they have questions about growth, which is not exactly something most people expect from their marketing partner.”

After all, Element Three is about business. Specifically, your business and how to grow it.

“What separates us is our rare ability to integrate keen business insight, sound brand strategy and strong, targeted creative to produce real, measurable results. If you’re a business leader with aggressive goals, we’re the agency built to keep up.”

Scott and his wife Jill reside in Carmel with their four children – Tyler, Abbie, Leyton, and Jaxen – who keep them more than busy “being an Uber driver” for activities ranging from karate to cheerleading.