Felicia Lahti

Video Editor

A fast learner, Felicia took to capturing life’s moments at an early age and never looked back.

“I’ve always had a camera in my hands; I hardly remember a time when I wasn’t photographing or filming the people around me.”

In high school, Felicia was constantly one-upping her classmates, presenting videos instead of PowerPoint decks.

After a year of working full-time, Felicia enrolled at Ball State. Not wanting to graduate a year behind her closest friends, she earned her degree in Video Production in just three years. Immediately afterward, Felicia accepted her first job.

But unlike most other junior-level creatives, Felicia did it her way, cramming a decade’s worth of experience into a few short years. Not only was she a member of the video department, she was the video department, acting as shooter, editor, producer and director.

“When you’re the only one doing the job, you find out exactly what you’re doing wrong and learn from your mistakes quickly. That experience made me more confident in who I am as both a shooter and as an editor.”

And while Felicia will don but a single title at Element Three, she’ll play several roles when it comes to growing our visual storytelling capabilities and still have plenty of time to spend with her golden retriever, Ella (#ellalouiselahti).