Christie Brancheau

Associate Video Producer

Christie doesn’t mess around. Never has. At seven years old, she received a scar on her forehead. From a pillow fight.

Christie also has a rule: Never touch my notebook. The crazy part? No one ever has.

She’s no-nonsense, and her clients love her for it. Fortunately for her team, she’s also fun-loving, dedicated, and perhaps best of all, straightforward.

“I’m an Aquarius, so I ask a lot of questions in search of a better understanding of what the best possible solution should look like.”

The recipient of a Business Marketing degree from Indiana State University, Christie studied design until her knack for efficiency and natural ability as a leader guided her in a different direction. After working as a project manager, Christie combined her planning skills with her creative side, now serving as our video producer.

“I like helping people solve problems. Success is the result of planning and execution, and I love being a part of each and every step along the way.”