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Byron Elliott

Interaction Designer

grey and black skyline of indianapolis
Byron Elliott Team Photo at Element Three

Coming from a family of artists, Byron always had a knack for singing and illustration. He studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Indianapolis so he could channel his passions in a practical way—anything from product design to album covers.

While interaction design wasn’t initially on Byron’s mind, his career plans soon changed.

“I got in right as they were starting on the interaction design wave. I was blown away by the possibilities.”

The possibilities for Byron translated into work on projects for the NCAA, Eli Lilly and Company, Rolls-Royce, Roche Diagnostics, and Siemens.

At Element Three, he works closely with brand strategists, art directors, and web developers to design awesome end-to-end experiences. He puts himself in the user’s shoes to consider how they’ll navigate—and what they’ll want—from beginning to end.

Byron finds strength in his faith, his wife, April, and his three sons, Ben, Alex, and Kendall.


I love my wife and three boys to the moon and back. They’re pretty much my biggest motivations in life.


Together, Byron and April run a lifestyle brand called Blacksheep Collective.

“We do some pretty sweet t-shirt designs every two months. It’s an extremely fun and fulfilling side project that pushes me creatively.”