Ben Poenisch

Director of Photography

Ben grew up on the west side of Indianapolis, in a town called Avon, and other than going off to college, he has spent his entire life here in and around the Circle City. So it’s a good thing that he loves the place.

For college, he left the confines of his favorite city and headed northwest to Purdue University in Lafayette. After three years of studying Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology (just try and say that three times fast), he decided that he’d rather be talking to people than writing code for robots for a living. So he switched to management and transferred to Indiana University. In the end, he got both his degrees (Marketing and Supply Chain Management) from IUPUI back in his hometown of Indianapolis.

After that, Ben struck out on his own and started his own video and photography business. Primarily focusing on weddings—quite possibly the most complicated and stress-filled subject one could choose—he developed his own style that drew quite a following over the years and was soon shooting weddings all over, including New York, Colorado and even France.

He came to the attention of our Executive Creative Director who asked Ben if he’d like to stop by the office and chat. And while Ben never really had any plans for taking a full-time job, he really liked the people he met, and we now get to refer to him as an “E3 exclusive.”

When not capturing his delightful and fascinating images, he can be found playing board games or enjoying his favorite whiskey, Blantons, or his favorite beer, Zombie Dust.