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Amy Hankins

Program Manager

Amy is no stranger to leading and managing complex projects. With a background that covers everything from creative agencies to Fortune 500 brands, Amy has a knack for breaking down solutions and developing execution plans in a way that creates not only business impact, but an excellent customer experience as well.

The idea of working in an agency environment first struck Amy in college through the television show Thirtysomething. The creative banter and brainstorming seen throughout the show sparked an interest that holds through today. The changes that have occurred in the marketing field since that time—and the ever-increasing importance of relationship building in an opt-in world—continue to drive Amy’s passion for working through the complexities of today’s business environment.

The importance of relationships is a narrative that extends beyond the marketing materials Amy is a part of—and is a key aspect of how Amy creates and maintains momentum in the work. “I have a knack for aligning with and bringing together people of all kinds to accomplish great work, and I’m zen under pressure.“

When she’s not bringing marketing strategies to life, Amy can be found at any number of stadiums watching her sons compete in marching band and serving as the band’s chaperone coordinator. “I’m usually in awe that anyone can get 300 kids to do something that cool.”