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Creating Content for Element Three

Are you a fan of our content? Interested in contributing some of your own? We’d love to expand the range of insights and intelligence we share, and that means we want to expand our writing roster a bit. Let's talk.

We’re big fans of content. In the past decade we’ve published hundreds of blog posts, tons of case studies, a healthy number of white papers and e-books, and who even knows how many landing pages. We’re not planning on stopping anytime soon, either. In fact, we’re excited to share even more of our thinking in new and interesting ways.

And we’d like you to join us. As Element Three grows our content, we’d like to include insights and intelligence from new and diverse perspectives, and that means we’d like to expand our roster of thought leaders outside our four walls.

With that in mind, do you have an interesting marketing take that you think deserves an audience? Because if so, we’d love to hear it.


First, a disclaimer.

We take our content pretty seriously. As such, there’s a lot of work that goes into our blog. A lot of editing. A lot of planning. That means that if you want to write for us, if you do submit content, there’s a pretty good chance it’s not getting on our site untouched. It’ll get edited. There might be some rewriting. There’s a chance we’re just going to have to say “no thanks.” Is that any fun? Of course not—and we'll work to create something we're both happy with.

But if your pitch isn’t something our audience cares about, we’ll have to talk about it. Just a fair warning, so you’re not surprised if tracked changes start showing up in your Google Doc.


What does an Element Three blog look like?

We’ve done a lot of work to find our niche, in terms of what we talk about, who we talk to, and how we say it. If you’re interested in writing for us, you’ll need to be able to work within that niche as well. So what does that look like?


Who’s our audience?

Element Three’s audience is a bit broader than the Smart Marketing blog’s. We focus on a subset of the people here that we want to be talking to as a business—because they're the part of our audience who will be reading our blog.


Our blog’s main audience: Marketers working at growth-stage businesses.

These businesses move fast and think about the bottom line—they want to get started quickly rather than spending a few months on planning first. The owner or president at these companies is usually heavily involved in marketing decisions and they have a small marketing team or none at all. There’s actually two people we serve here: the Obsessive Owner and the Maturing Marketer. The latter is more important for us here, so let’s concentrate on them.

The Maturing Marketer might start out seeing us more as an influencer—they tend to like our content, they read the blog regularly and use it for ideas and tips about ways to boost their own abilities as a marketer. They might not have deep insight into budgets or a huge hand in creating the business or marketing strategy, but they want to be seen as a helpful hero to their internal team. They’re learners but are often stretched thin. They want to stay on top of marketing trends but rarely have the time to do so.


How do we talk to them?

The goal of the Smart Marketing blog is to be a hub for marketing practitioners to share their insights, wins, and battles. We highlight experienced marketing voices and top marketers who really know their stuff and are leading the way in the industry. It’s real insights from real marketers for marketers who want to learn everything about the craft.

When we talk to people on our blog, we try to strike a balance between being engaging and being educational. Don’t be afraid to be smart—you don’t have to dumb things down for our audience, they’re here to learn. But you also shouldn’t be afraid to write in a relaxed or personable style. This isn’t a scientific journal, it’s okay to be a little familiar with readers.

Why’s that balance important? One of the most important things our blog does is display Element Three’s thought leadership. The content does a lot of that work: obviously, if our blog is sharing smart insights, that’s pretty great evidence that we are leaders of thought in the industry. But the tone also does some of that lifting. Oversimplification, dumbing things down—this all implies that our audience needs the help, that they don’t know what they're doing. That’s not what we’re going for. We teach, but we teach from a place of intelligence. All that said, if we can’t get people to read, they’re not going to learn anything. That’s where style comes in. Entertaining writing gets read, and that’s what we want.


Want to know more about our brand?

Awesome! We recently underwent a rebranding process, the fruits of which you can see on this very page. But if you want the nitty gritty details of how we did it—and, more importantly for potential content creators, what it looks like and what it told us about ourselves—you should take a look at this blog by our President, Tiffany Sauder, on our rebranding process. It includes a video from Tiffany explaining why we did it, too, so you can learn a little more about how we think about things.


Some examples of our work that we love.

This isn’t just us tooting our own horn or something. We think showing you some of the blogs we’ve liked the most gives you a good idea of what’s a successful Element Three blog. You definitely shouldn’t just copy what’s here, but hopefully these examples serve as some inspiration as you get started pitching and drafting your own content. We cover more than this—and you can see how much more on our blog page—but here are a few choice clips from some of our most popular content sections.








And if you’d like to see a great guest post, here’s 3 Examples of Branded Content Done Really Well.


Want to write for us?

If you have ideas on marketing that you think need to see the light of day, we’d love to give you that platform. Fill out the form below, let us know what you’d like to write about, and we’ll be in touch.