Synovia Solutions Lead Gen Campaign

How multi-pronged, multi-channel digital strategy delivers big results for Synovia Solutions


Increase in average monthly leads


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in page-one keywords

Working Across Verticals to Drive Lead Generation

Synovia Solutions is a leading provider of vehicle fleet management technology and software, including GPS tracking and route management for schools, municipalities, businesses and more.

They came to our team looking for a digital lead generation catalyst to help amplify its lead generation efforts across verticals. The target? Deliver maximum return on investment in a 90-day period by increasing monthly lead generation by 80% or more to jumpstart sales.

The Solution

Getting to that number required us to step back from our vertical-specific campaigns and focus on the larger, cross-segment picture. We employed a four-pronged digital marketing approach, consisting of content creation, email marketing optimization, paid search advertising, and lead aggregation.

Focusing our efforts across channels had three primary benefits:

  1. The number of leads coming from every source (organic, paid, referral, etc.) increased.
  2. We were able to reallocate resources when one channel stagnated and others gained traction.
  3. We were able to rapidly test messaging from one channel and apply those lessons to the others.


Using these tactics and strategies, we were not only able to meet Synovia’s lead goals, we surpassed them. Instead of our original 80% goal, we increased leads by 134%.

In the long run, we also succeeded in increasing Synovia’s overall organic search traffic by 11%, as well as achieving a 27% increase in ranking keywords and a 214% increase in relevant page-one keywords.

Download the Synovia Lead Generation Case Study Executive Summary from Element Three.