Kingspan Panel•ol•ogy Ad Campaign

The art and science of insulated metal panels.

Raising Brand Awareness in the U.S.

A building materials leader based out of Ireland, Kingspan creates innovative panels that combine efficiency, sustainability, style, and safety.

From the Olympic Village in London to the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, Kingspan panels stretch across all five continents. But despite a strong brand awareness in European countries, many architects and contractors across the United States don’t even know about Kingspan. To raise brand awareness, the client needed a memorable campaign to captivate their audience.

“The praise keeps coming for Element Three. We absolutely loved the work they did on these Panelology ads, so much so that we’ve decided to turn the ads into a much larger educational campaign. Thankful for their dedication to making our own marketing team look good.”


Bringing Beauty and Education Together

Kingspan needed the campaign to stand out, cut through the clutter, and inform their audience—all at the same time. Using the lack of Kingspan product knowledge in the United States to our advantage, we created Panel•ol•ogy, a high-quality, education-focused ad campaign.

Panel•ol•ogy: The Art & Science of Insulated Metal Panels

It was important to make sure the target audiences—architects and contractors—associated Kingspan with insulated metal panel offerings, so we created ads to inform readers with “lessons” and diagrams. Using the term Panel•ol•ogy to define Kingspan’s product, the ads were smart, visually unique, and ran in five different publications.

Kingspan wrote the book on insulated metal panels. And now they’re educating architects and contractors throughout the United States. The campaign, mirroring Kingspan’s innovative panels, is stated perfectly and succinctly within Panel•ol•ogy: “It’s all part of the art and science of building better.