Airstream Homepage Optimization Case Study

We set out to prove that introducing lifestyle content to the Airstream homepage would not only increase site traffic, but greatly improve conversion rates.


Airstream, a leading luxury travel trailer and touring coach manufacturer, wanted to revamp their homepage to better reflect the lifestyle nature of their brand while improving lead generation and consumer education capabilities. Airstream charged us with finding a solution to promote social and awareness-minded lifestyle content on their homepage without negatively impacting product conversion paths.


For makers of consumer products, bringing lifestyle content onto the homepage is an important means of creating an emotional connection between audience and product during the early stages of the buyer’s journey.

Knowing that product-related pages were the most viewed and best converting pages on the Airstream website, we had to find a solution that provided users with more means to enjoy blogs, social media posts and community-related content without hurting product traffic and lead collection.

Our two primary goals were to provide more lifestyle and channel-based content on the homepage, and improve product-related traffic paths that lead to sales-qualified lead conversions.


The primary product section was reduced in size but now houses multiple calls to action, allowing users to jump directly to a product line landing page or user selection tool, which site performance indicated would be helpful in generating SQLs and product sales.

A new dynamic grid allows Airstream to pull in content from several different channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and promote recent blog posts and videos.

The grid also offers returning visitors with a fresh look at the Airstream brand by cycling in the latest content while also allowing Airstream to curate the experience by featuring top performing content from various channels.

Lifestyle Content without Compromise

By creating a home page with new places to showcase lifestyle content, promote landing pages and better position user selection tools, we were able to improve Airstream’s home page traffic and conversions almost immediately.

In the first six weeks after the new homepage launched, product line-specific landing pages experienced an 11.96% bump in visitors, while interaction with product-related user tools rose by 21.93%. As a result of Airstream’s new and improved homepage, the overall number of sales qualified leads captured increase by 36.03% during the first six weeks.

This success demonstrates that with the right strategy, brands can provide a memorable lifestyle experience while increasing the number of leads obtained. Though the Airstream homepage is but one example of this balance, it demonstrates that in product marketing, lifestyle brands don’t need to sacrifice lifestyle content for sales success.