Dealer Program Boosts Sales for Airstream

How we helped Airstream increase sales by marketing on behalf of the dealers that buy and sell their product.


Average increase in lead-to-sale conversion rate for participating dealers


Average increase in YOY SQLs for participating dealers

Improved Dealer Marketing, Increased Sales

As a manufacturer, Airstream, creator of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer, sells their products through dealership networks around the world. To increase sales across these dealers, Airstream came to us to build a paid digital marketing program that would generate leads and promote participating US dealerships.

The new campaign—focusing on top of the funnel users—would be an iteration on the 2015/16 promotion, a successful pilot program that we also helped launch.

Looking Back: The 2015/16 Touring Coach Campaign

The first year we launched Airstream’s dealer program, our team focused on a Touring Coach-specific program, which launched across 34 participating dealerships. The campaign—a combination of display advertising, remarketing, custom landing pages, and email—used like-minded audience and geo-targeting, encouraging sales qualified lead conversions through a content offer.

Building a Bigger, More Complex Campaign

After seeing success from the 2015/16 campaign, our team focused on targeting users higher in the funnel for the 2016/17 dealer program. We implemented a lead nurturing email series, paid search, and social advertising, and expanded the reach to include the Travel Trailer product line. Our goal? To nurture users into sales qualified leads without neglecting the sales qualified conversion campaign launched the previous year.


During the 2015/16 campaign, participating dealers received 43.44% more leads year over year than those who did not participate, and sold 4.23% more Touring Coaches YOY. The 2016/17 campaign saw similar success, driving 27.45% more leads and selling 17.34% more products YOY than non-participating dealers.

Not only did we help Airstream’s dealers increase the quantity of leads and sales, the team succeeded in improving the quality of leads as well. Across both years of the program, participating dealers converted leads to sales at a rate that nearly doubled (an 88% increase) that of their non-participating counterparts.

Overall, participating dealers experienced a 35% increase in YOY SQLs and a significant boost in YOY sales.

Download the Airstream Dealer Program Executive Summary from Element Three.