Creative Careers

Passion comes from having a sense of purpose.
Here, your work will be both deliberate and emotional. Calculated and inventive.

Creative Careers

Passion comes from having a sense of purpose. Here, your work will be both deliberate and emotional. Calculated and inventive.

Whatever it Takes

We’re not traditional. But that doesn’t mean we won’t turn to it. That’s because the creative we execute is driven by the production of seamless brand experiences. By any means necessary. Even if that requires foregoing familiar tactics in favor of something different. Something better.

Production Designer

Element Three Production Designer

It may be a fact: Most great Production Designers are perfectionists. And even if it’s not, it’s probably safe to say that they’re “detail-oriented.” Here at E3, the method to your meticulous madness will be recognized, for it is you who will allow us to maintain the sky-high quality standards required to deliver Grade-A work.


Good designers are a dime a dozen. Great ones are worth their weight in gold. And as someone with a wealth of talent and creativity, you want an opportunity to show the world what you’ve got through bold work for brands that want to go big. You also seek to be a part of a close, collaborative and multi-dimensional group of creatives, digital experts and web developers. We can help you find all of the above.

Art Director

At E3, an Art Director is one who has not only mastered the fundamentals of design, but has demonstrated an ability to establish clear, purposeful and unmistakable brand identities. As a visual strategist in charge of consistently evolving the look and feel portrayed by your clients, you will be given the opportunity to take full control of your creative talent.


Element Three Copywriter

Versatility is key, at least when you’re applying to be a Copywriter at Element Three. Here, you get to do more. Like fully contribute to the overall creative direction of your clients. And dive deep into digital content strategy. If you can stomach a quicker pace and digest meaty subject matter into BIG, powerful narratives that spread across mediums, we’d love to see what you’re made of.

Proofreader / Editor

Once, your friends tried to throw you a surprise birthday party. You found out. And when you witness an illegal right turn on red, you call in a license plate number. You know the rules. And nothing gets past you. On top of that, you’re an expert when it comes to grammar, usage, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, consistency and clarity. If you meet our requirements, send your perfectly written resume our way.

Senior Copywriter

Element Three Senior Copywriter

Contrary to popular belief, there is no secret age requirement for the role of Senior Copywriter. You needn’t have a case filled with award trophies, nor do we require you to prove your aptitude using a book full of your greatest hits. You must, however, have a history of lending distinct, compelling voices to a diverse set of brands that span several industries.

Associate Video Producer

Element Three Associate Video Producer

If you carry a unique vision, have an eye for detail and a gift for showing your subjects in the best possible light, we want to see your work. At E3, you will have the opportunity to join an active, ambitious group and build your reel with clients like Airstream, Newmar, Boston Whaler, FBi Buildings and more.

Video Producer

Element Three Video Producer

You know how to set the stage and deliver direction, both on set and as part of a team chock-full of talented professionals. Here, you will work to elevate iconic brands and fast-moving upstarts, using your knack for visual storytelling to ignite your portfolio along with our national reputation.

Associate Creative Director

Element Three Associate Creative Director

So you’ve got the goods. Having honed your skills working with a wide range of clients across an even wider media spectrum, you know what works and what doesn’t. You know how to lead. You’ve triumphed against all odds. And learned a few hard lessons along the way. But you’re still not satisfied. Sound about right? If so, you’ve found your new home.

Creative Director

Element Three Creative Director

Being a Creative Director at E3 is different. Different in that you won’t be pigeonholed. Or asked to babysit a single client team. If you’re the kind of person who likes to cover a lot of ground. Move around. And fully apply your long list of talents and experiences in a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled. And we respect a work-life balance. So if you’re searching for 90-hour workweeks, keep looking.