"The value we offer will always be a direct result of the values we share." 

- Tiffany Sauder - President, Element Three

What is "A BEST CO"?

A BEST CO stands for everything we do. It’s who we are. How we’ve made it this far. And why there’s no end in sight. They're values that inform the people we hire. And the clients we serve. We do our best to hold them sacred. By using them as the foundation for our actions.


We deliver awesome in each and everything we do, each and every day, without exception or excuse. It’s that simple.


We view market leadership as the underlying reason for our existence as a marketing agency. Like coach Red Sanders once said, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”


We’re people first. We all know it. And don’t ever forget it. We handle the bad with the same level of tact as the good. With a clear understanding that the only thing that matters more than what you say is what you do.


We believe the ones who go beyond the tried find the truth. So we ask a lot of questions. And not just in the beginning. We research and participate. Never one or the other. And we don’t dare identify the “how” until we’re sure we know the “why.”


We don’t play games. Unless it’s table tennis. Then we’ll play a game. Or two. Right before sitting down with you to exchange information. Thoughts. Hopes. And concerns. You know everything we’re doing. We know better than to keep you anything but informed. And we don’t race to the next chapter until we’re all on the same page.


We don’t see creative as a one-off deliverable. Or the responsibility of any one department. We don’t rely on a single tactic. Stay loyal to any one medium. Or favor one discipline over another. Instead, we use whatever means necessary to create seamless brand experiences.


At E3, we’re excited about what we do. How we do it. And most of all, where we’re headed together. All hands on deck. As partners in hot pursuit of market leadership.

When forced to don a nametag, we introduce ourselves as a marketing agency. Our passion? Building trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. We work with national brands across a wide range of industries, fusing traditional, digital, and inbound tactics to tell authentic stories with heart, informed by real analytics, that prospects can’t resist. In other words, you’ll crush your competition, and customers won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Our Fearless Leaders

Of course, every recipe for success requires a team of executive-level talent to bring it all together. Meet ours.

Bold Stories

We’re about disruption. Positive change and going all in. For each other, our clients and our community. It’s about warding off complacency. And building a stronger narrative. Both inside our walls and outside in the marketplace.

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