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Bold Brands. Magnetic Marketing.

At Element Three, we turn marketing-as-a-nuisance on its head by giving people valuable information right when they want it.

We're really good at uncovering your brand's sweet spot, planning out your marketing and creating an awesome look and feel for your brand.

In other words, we help you kill your competition.

Special Event Coverage

[From PERQ & Element Three] Insight from the incredible Go Inbound lineup on the ever-changing world of inbound marketing + summaries of all Go Inbound presentations & behind-the-scenes video. Learn and improve your inbound presence.

Your Marketing Campaign Won't Work?

So get it to work with this free checklist and handy templates from Element Three/HubSpot. Lose the disconnected tools and track the right channels while you watch ROI grow. 


In Writing, More Is Not Better

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My Love Letter to Photojojo

Dear Photojojo, You have a silly name. You're not Apple. You're not Nike or Coca-Cola, either....

Element Three Honored as One of 2014 Indiana Companies to Watch

Element Three has been recognized as one of the 2014 Indiana Companies to Watch, an awards...